杰森·詹森 has been selected as the Chief Financial Officer for the 俄勒冈市学区

Mr. Jensen brings a unique perspective to the 俄勒冈市学区 business office after serving 25 years as classroom teacher. 拥有并经营一家成功企业的16年CFO/CEO经验. His passion for the financial side of business and love for the institution of education has led him to the dream of investing the next chapter of his career serving in a role that synthesizes these two parts of his professional life. He completed his Master of Business Administration from Washington State University in 2017 as well as a Master’s in Education from Eastern Oregon University in 2003. 闲暇时,他喜欢与妻子和刚成年的孩子们一起旅行,跑步 & 骑自行车,在家周围做项目.



梅丽莎·伯格是一位经验丰富的教师和教育领导者. She enters her fifteenth year in education having spent much of it in the classroom as a learning specialist, 部门斗犬, 最近是学生服务中心副主任. 她在俄勒冈市学区的工作包括在OC学校实施PBIS策略, 在过去七年中指导和培训新员工, and pushing the district toward a more inclusive model of education for all 俄勒冈州的城市 students.



Ms. 诺曼德是俄勒冈市学区的一名教育工作者,已有20多年的历史. 2002年,她作为21世纪基金的主管开始了她的教育生涯. She completed a Masters in School Counseling from George Fox University and held a counseling position at middle school. She went on to supervise 社区 Education before becoming an administrator at both elementary and middle school. 她目前是传播和社区伙伴关系主任. 

Lisa has a deep and rich commitment to the 俄勒冈州的城市 community and school district and is proud to be an OCHS graduate.  在她的空闲时间,她喜欢散步,旅游,花时间与家人和朋友. 



We are pleased to welcome 马乔里·鲁兹 who was selected as the new principal for 俄勒冈城市高中.  Ms. Ruzicka has been in the education field for 26 years; 16 as a teacher in the Vancouver 学区 and then 10 as a high school associate principal in Fort Vancouver, 哥伦比亚河(温哥华)和最近, Tualatin高中.  在她当老师的时候, she taught Spanish and French and developed the Dual 语言 immersion program into middle school and high school for the Vancouver 学区.  “我最自豪的是我与学生建立的关系, families and staff over the years and how that translates into seeing students walk across the stage at graduation, 准备好迎接眼前这个激动人心的世界了."

Ms. Ruzicka graduated from Central Washington University and earned her Master of Education from City University of Seattle, 并于2009年获得国家委员会认证.  She lives in Tualatin with her husband Mike and has one daughter pursuing a nursing degree in Washington and another in the US Army.  在她的空闲时间, 她喜欢美丽的西北户外, 与家人和宠物共度时光, 并计划未来去远近目的地度假.


莎拉·克雷格本金, 俄勒冈城市服务学习学院

莎拉•克雷格 has been selected as the principal at 俄勒冈城市服务学习学院 (OCSLA).

萨拉在俄勒冈市工作了7年, 最初在俄勒冈城市高中担任学习专家, 然后担任杰克逊预科替代项目的协调员, 最近一次是在Tumwata中学担任副校长. She has loved being a part of the district's Equity in School Discipline Team in the hopes of continuing to learn and practice more inclusive and strength based ways of supporting student learning and participation in their school community. Sara is excited to join the staff at OCSLA in continuing to facilitate educational experiences that empower students to make choices about their future.

萨拉毕业于西华盛顿大学, 获得华盛顿大学教育学硕士学位, and has completed post-graduate programs in 特殊教育 at the University of Portland and Educational Leadership at Portland State. She loves visiting new places, spending time with her two teenage sons and recharging near water.




乔恩已经为教育学者服务了12年.  他在私立和公立学校都有经验, 初中和高中, 另类高中和传统高中校园. 他教过数学课程, 社会研究, 学生领导, 健康教育, 体育课, 和更多的. Jon comes from the David Douglas 学区 where he most recently served as a TOSA in the 学生服务 Department. 乔恩对强大的学校系统充满热情, 优秀的教学策略和与学生的关系, 以及确保每位学者成功的公平实践.

Jon earned a bachelor's degree as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching from George Fox University. He obtained his administrative license through the COSA partnership with Concordia University - Chicago, 作为2021年学校领导艺术硕士项目的一部分. 在他的空闲时间, 乔恩喜欢与朋友和家人共度时光, 唱歌, 阅读, 享受俄勒冈州的自然美景.


杰西塔奥尔蒂斯,本金, ¡Todos森!

十大靠谱棋牌游戏很高兴欢迎雅辛塔·奥尔蒂斯担任校长 ¡Todos森!  

雅辛塔·奥尔蒂斯开始了她的教育生涯 ¡Todos森! in 2008. She served as a Bilingual Instructional Coach for two years before transitioning to 霍尔科姆小学 as the Principal for the 2021-22 school year. 在她的教育经历中, she has worked collaboratively with teachers to develop instructional practices that maximize student learning. Jacinta is passionate about establishing strong partnerships with families and creating an inclusive environment where all students, 家属和员工感到宾至如归, 被接受并成为学校社区的一部分. 当雅辛塔返回 ¡Todos森! 在一个新的角色, she looks forward to transitioning the K-5 program onto one campus and continuing the outstanding dual language work already taking place. 




Josh has been in the education field for 13 years; three as a teacher in the St. 海伦斯学区和五作为教师在俄勒冈市学区.  He has also served as a high school principal at 俄勒冈城市服务学习学院 (OCSLA) for the past five years where he has worked to further integrate trauma-informed practices throughout the school; increase project-based opportunities for students; and build community partnerships through internships and extended learning opportunities.

Josh graduated from Oregon State University with degrees in History and Education; earned his Masters in History from Portland State University; and obtained his administrative license through George Fox University in 2017.  在业余时间,他喜欢阅读、运动和和家人在一起.



雷切尔·恩斯特罗姆被选为雷德兰小学的副校长.  蕾切尔在俄勒冈市当了23年的教育家.  In 1999, she started at Tumwata中学 and was a study skills and 阅读 teacher for three years before transitioning into the position of 8th grade 社会研究 teacher where she stayed for 15 years.  在Tumwata待了18年后, 瑞秋成为了加德纳中学的副校长.  虽然她的整个职业生涯都是中学教育工作者,  这一年,瑞秋有机会找到一份初级的爱情, 她很兴奋能加入雷德兰社区.  作为一名管理人员,她最大的乐趣是与学生建立关系, 工作人员和家庭,并创建系统,为孩子的成功奠定基础. 

瑞秋和她的丈夫大卫最近带着三个成年的孩子成了空巢老人, 其中年龄最大的是一名新教师,今年夏天就要结婚了!  The middle child is a Marine stationed in San Antonio and the youngest is soon to be a senior at Oregon State University.  瑞秋喜欢所有户外的东西,是一个狂热的徒步旅行者和背包客.  她也是哈利·波特、漫威和星球大战的粉丝,喜欢玩桌游!